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May 30, 2017

Madelyn | Seniors | Longwood University

The weekend I traveled to Farmville, VA to photograph Madelyn it had literally been raining all day. But believe it or not, by the time I got to Longwood University around 4pm the sun was shining bright and I couldn’t have been happier.

This girl is so used to being in front of the camera and people in general. This amazing musical theatre major completely “wow-ed” me. This session was nothing short of amazing.

It was my first time ever visiting Longwood. This little college campus definitely didn’t disappoint. There was SO much charm I couldn’t believe it which made it easier to shoot. I wanted to go everywhere but obviously has to consider my time fame and keep in mind that Mr. Sun most likely wasn’t going to be out for very long. By walking through the campus for about an hour and half I felt like I was a perspective college student touring and falling in love with everything physical of the place.

As we moved to the location where I ended up shooting Madelyn’s head shots the pretty church bells began to ring the sweetest of songs. I literally felt like the little town of Farmville was something straight out of a movie.

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